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Okay, here’s the deal… we’re really into swords. Swords and other old weaponry and fighting styles, generally. So, we practice and teach what’s called Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). We study Joachim Meyer’s: “The Art of Combat” as translated by Jeffrey L. Forgeng, but while the material may be born of Medieval and Renaissance Europe, everyone is welcome to join the Comox Valley Combat Guild! Join us for conditioning, strategy, community, history, and fun (with swords!).

The ‘Art’
of Combat

Like other martial arts we emphasize the athletic abilities of our members because only through repetition of movement and sparring will we learn to fight like the old times.

The ‘art’ of combat, however, is revealed when we study the old manuals, interpret the instructions contained within, and practice to refine the techniques we discover.

At the Comox Valley Combat Guild, we feel that HEMA, above all, is about people enjoying a collective immersion into the Medieval and Renaissance Art of Combat, while staying safe enough to go back to work the next day!


"Welcoming atmosphere, patient Instructor, attention to both competitive as well as historical detail. Whether you just want to study the techniques or you want to actually jump into the sparring ring, there is something here for you."

— Tim, student


Chad Herbert, Head Instructor

Chad Herbert, Head Instructor


Founded by multi-passionate and ever curious Chad Herbert, the Comox Valley Combat Guild is an off-shoot of the Okanagan Combat Guild (OCG). While studying under Shawn Oldham and Adam Ritz of the OCG in Kelowna, Chad attended workshops hosted by Blood & Iron in Burnaby and Victoria to hone skills and practice sparring with fighters from across the Pacific Northwest.

Competition Results

  • 1st place, Single-stick, BC Highland games, 2019

  • Invitational Longsword, Victoria Highland games, 2019

  • Invitational Broadsword and Targe, Victoria Highland games, 2019

  • 4th place, Single-stick, Victoria Highland games, 2019

  • Top 8, Single-stick, Victoria Highland games, 2018

  • 4th place, Open Steel Longsword, Victoria Highland games, 2018

As of October, 2019, four of Chad’s, dozens of students, have competed in beginner level Longsword, Sidesword, and Cutting competitions!

It’s been an amazing experience watching my son flourish and find a place to thrive. Chad encourages a non-competitive atmosphere but friendly rivalry that leaves everyone laughing and grinning from ear to ear. All ages and all fitness levels are welcomed equally. Chad is creating an amazing family of fighters!

-Jane, parent of student