Historical Longsword Equipment

Okay, I’ve signed up for historical longsword lessons - what equipment might I want for class?

I hear that I’ll be able to spar soon - what equipment will I need?

I’ve heard about tournaments like the Victoria Highland Games and I want to start collecting my kit - what do I need?

I’ve heard my instructor mention that there are club and bulk discounts - how do I take advantage of these options to save some money?

I see that CVCG (Comox Valley Combat Guild) has already purchased lots of equipment - where do they buy their equipment from?

I can see how the gear CVCG has purchased performs - where would I look to get reviews on other equipment?

Keep reading to find out the answers to your questions!

Gear for Historical Longsword Classes:  

While you don’t need any gear beyond standard gym attire to enjoy the classes at CVCG, there is some gear that you might want for practicing at home, or to practice controlled drills with more intensity during classes!

Practicing at home:  

  • Synthetic nylon longsword

Intense Practice during class:

  • A pair of hockey, lacrosse, or Red Dragon Gloves

  • HEMA fencing mask

  • Athletic cup or breast protector

Gear for Sparring Classes:  

Although CVCG has some gear already, the jackets and helmets may not fit perfectly, the gloves and fencing mask may be sweatier than you like, or you just may prefer the style, colour, or feel of your own gear.  

Here is a list of items you may want to purchase to facilitate safe and enjoyable sparring!

  • Athletic cup or breast protector

  • HEMA fencing mask

  • HEMA jacket

  • Gorget

  • Elbow & forearm protectors

  • Knee & shin Protectors

  • HEMA skirt

  • SPES heavy gauntlets

Gear for Tournaments:  

Acquiring a full kit can take some time and you may be ready to represent CVCG in tournament before you have all the gear you need.  We’ll do our best to lend you the gear you need to compete! Luckily, if you’ve been collecting for sparring classes, you may have already acquired some of the gear you need for competition.

  • Athletic cup or breast protector

  • HEMA fencing mask

  • HEMA jacket

  • Gorget

  • Elbow & forearm protectors

  • Knee & shin protectors

  • HEMA skirt

  • SPES heavy gauntlets

  • Blunt steel longsword

Equipment Links:

* Prices are estimates, but include conversion, taxes, shipping, and duties…

*Finding 2nd hand HEMA equipment / sports gear can also save you money!

*Ordering in bulk through CVCG can save you 5-20%, depending on the items purchased

CVCG Club & Bulk Discounts Explained:  

CVCG receives a Club Discount of 5% off all equipment from Purpleheart Armoury.  To take advantage of this, all you need to do is be a member (participant) of the CVCG, request the discount code from your instructor, and input the code when purchasing from the Purpleheart Armoury website.

If you order more than $1000 USD worth of equipment from Purpleheart Armoury the 5% discount is replaced by a 10% discount automatically.

There are some additional discounts if we order synthetic longsword blades in sets of 4 or more.  This isn’t particularly useful if you’re buying for yourself, but if we order swords together we’ll get the additional savings - especially, if we order more than $1000 worth of swords and save 20%!

It’s worth inquiring with your instructor when you want to purchase new equipment - it may be possible to add to an order he’s planning to help boost the cost over $1000 in order to gain the extra 5% off all gear ordered!  Also, on the Comox Valley Combat Guild Group on Facebook, you may see a post about a pending order or sale that the instructor, or other members, are preparing.

HEMA Gear Distributors:

-Purpleheart Armory  [https://www.woodenswords.com/default.asp]

-Castille Armory  [https://castillearmory.com/]

-Others:  Absolute Force, SPES, Crossed Swords, PBT Fencing, Red Dragon, and Cold Steel

For items like: athletic cup, hockey/lacrosse gloves, arm guards, leg guards, you can acquire these at any sports store like Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, or a local used sports store like Blue Toque Sports.  If you’re unsure if the alternate gear will be safe enough for sparring classes, message us via the Comox Valley Combat Guild Facebook site, and post a link or picture of the equipment in question, and I’ll offer my opinion on the gear.  Join the Comox Valley Combat Guild Group on Facebook for future gear discussions and recommendations!

HEMA Gear Reviews:  

For great gear reviews, check out the following YouTube Channels:

-Blood & Iron Martial Arts  [https://bit.ly/2J2DnuF]

-Skallagrim  [https://bit.ly/2VOkgpJ]