Our vision

We aim to bring HEMA to the Comox Valley to build leaders and competition ready fighters.

Our Philosophy

We study Joachim Meyer’s: “The Art of Combat” as translated by Jeffrey L. Forgeng, but while the material may be born of Medieval and Renaissance Europe, everyone is welcome to join the Comox Valley Combat Guild.

Like other martial arts we emphasis the athletic abilities of our members because only through repetition of movement and sparring will we learn to fight like the old masters.

The ‘art’ of combat, however, is revealed when we passionately study the old manuals, judiciously interpret the instructions contained within, and dedicate ourselves to refining the techniques we discover.

At the Comox Valley Combat Guild, we feel that HEMA, above all, is about people enjoying a collective immersion into the Medieval and Renaissance Art of Combat, while staying safe enough to go back to work the next day!

Chad was one of my senior students at the Okanagan Combat Guild. He is both a fine scholar and historical fencer. His unique way of thinking has proven to be highly effective in both interpreting historical materials and sparring against opponents. I have no doubt that his students will be very capable practitioners.
— Adam Ritz, Head Instructor, Okanagan Combat Guild